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SuperSARMS are proud to offer SARMS products to Australian residents to assist in their fitness and lifestyle journey. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS) are compounds that contain similar properties to naturally produced androgen testosterone. However, SARMS are more selective, in that they are able to bind to and stimulate androgen receptors in connective tissue, muscle, bone and fat tissue. This results in gaining the benefits of traditional anabolic androgenic agents, without the nasty side effects of steroids. The SuperSARMS SARMS range has been especially designed to enhance the potential for muscle growth, fat loss, connective tissue repair, endurance and athletic performance. It even contains properties to assist with anti-aging to make for a more youthful appearance. You can now get the physical results of steroids, without the nasty side effects! SuperSARMS are non-toxic and, contrary to belief, do not effect oestrogen levels in women.

Our customers cannot get enough of our range of SARMS products, so why not try them out for yourself today?! We guarantee you will be coming back for more. Unleash your potential.


SuperSARMS’ range of SARMS products can assist a researcher in achieving unbelievable results, including: athleticism, for increased power and endurance; strength & repair, by directly targeting muscles & connective tissue to optimise muscular hypertrophy and the repair of tendon, ligament and muscle injuries; anti-aging, through supporting the body’s naturally produced hormones and improving connective tissue repair; and fat loss, by facilitating the utilisation of body fat stores as a key source of energy. All SuperSARMS SARMS products can be administered orally, through non-toxic drops that do not convert oestrogen stores. Our SARMS can be purchased individually or as stacks, so you can target a specific area that you would like to see improved. They are simply the best discovery for the supplements industry since steroids, so it is clear to see why so many Australian researchers are obsessing over SuperSARMS.


All of SuperSARMS SARMS products are 100% pharmaceutical grade, with products only used in production if the raw compounds are 99% or above. SARMS are legal for the purpose of conducting research, unlike alternative and highly illegal anabolic steroids, fat burners and hormones. We have a range of product ranges which all cater to different purposes, such as our Muscle Building SARMS range for those looking to gain muscle, improve strength, recover faster from injury, and heal joints; and a Fat Burning SARMS range for researchers wishing to eliminate body fat, improve muscular endurance, and achieve fast and effective long term results. All SARMS products are best administered without food, with SARMS able to enter your blood faster on an empty stomach. SARMS is believed to be 200 times more powerful that testosterone in muscle stimulation, and 80 times more effective for muscle selection.